Possible Topics For Opinion Papers (2/19)

I promised that I would post the great ideas that you all generated in class on Thursday!  Here they are:

Reduction/cutting of military bonuses

Salaries of professional athletes

Society’s obsession with young teen stars

Reality TV shows

Publication of Celebrity Relationships

Invasion of Celebrities’ Privacy

Cubs and Sox Series

Stimulus Plan

Racism (specific aspects of it…profiling, etc.)

Oil prices

SUV safety

Flag Burning



Focus on Weight

Fad Diets

Natural Beauty

Domestic Abuse

Celebrity Worshipping

Teen Pregnancy

War in Iraq (specific aspects of it…not just whether it’s right or not!)

War in Afghanistan (specific aspects of it…same as above)

Speed Limits

Political Corruption

Illinois governors being criminals

No Child Left Behind

Spoiling an only Child

Media’s influence on Children

“Going Green”

Remaking Old Movies

WIU Issues

 Once again here is the “Banned List.”  These are OFF LIMITS:

Stem Cell Research


DUI Penalty

Gun Control

Drinking Age

Death Penalty/capital punishment


Legalization of Marijuana



Animal Rights


Gay Marriage



**For Tuesday, come to class knowing what you would like to “rant about” in your opinion paper.  Remember, the more committed you are to your topic, the better writing you will produce!!! 




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